What is it? It’s a multimedia mosaic project!

MyPanino derives its shape from the audience’s actions: an example of dynamic art opposed to the static nature of classic mosaic works.

MyPanino is ever changing.

An artwork evolving through people’s participation and taste, independent from the artist’s decisions.

Interactive artwork

MyPanino offers a new relationship with the artwork and broadens its range as the artistic message travels from the physical space to reach the web and social networks.

The tactile feeling completes the experience: MyPanino is a touchable mosaic work composed of many elements, created with materials able to offer different sensations such as glass, marble and vitreous pastes.


Interaction with MyPanino is not an end to itself, as every new creation is shared online in real time and becomes available to a wider audience.

Everyone is invited to take a selfie with his personal MyPanino version trough the artwork’s built-in camera, the picture is then immediately uploaded to the website to be viewed, voted and shared. Pictures and videos taken with a personal device (smartphone or tablet) and shared on social media (Facebook, Twitter or Youtube) using the hashtag #mypanino, will also be featured in the project’s official website and Facebook Page.